Cyprus: the perfect getaway

We just love weekend trips: It is an easy way to escape reality and pack many new destinations and adventures to your life. One of our all-time favourite weekend trips was our trip to Cyprus in the beginning of the year: we had the whole island for ourselves, the weather was great, as was the food, there is a lot to explore and it is really affordable. Read here all about the perfect getaway to Cyprus.

What to do on Cyprus?


To read all about Cyprus’ archaeological highlights, read this article. But Cyprus has more to offer: its impressive nature is a welcome alternation from all the archaeological sites. The inland hills offer great trials for day(s) of hiking, you might want to visit one of the many monasteries, hiding in the hills. Do not miss the Avakas Gorge and enjoy a romantic sun set at the beach, e.g at the Sea Caves or Petra tou Romiou (Rock of Aphrodite). Also, you can ski in the idyllic Troodos mountain range in the West of Cyprus from January until the end of March.

Where to go on Cyprus?

Cyprus’ capital Nicosia is an impressive city, being one of the last divided cities in the world today. Ledra Street offers a crossing between the Turkish and Greek part. Especially in the Greek Cypriot part, you can find nice museums (e.g. the first archaeological Museum of Lefkosia), churches and restaurants. In the Turkish part, the churches are converted to Mosques and the feeling of the city is totally different. Time seems to have stopped in the 70s there.

Next to Nicosia, also Paphos, Larnaca and Limassol offer nice cultural sights. Most tourists arrive at the airport of Larnaca. Here, you can find the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque, surrounded by palm trees and flamingo’s and the Chruch of Saint Lazarus, built over the reputed tomb of Lazarus. 

Tips for the perfect getaway

Büyük Han
Büyük Han, Nicosia

We really recommend you rent a car. This is very affordable (€15-30 per day) and you will be able to explore the island efficiently. Just watch out: you have to drive on the left side and the speed limit on the high way is not always obeyed. We spend one night in Nicosia and two in Paphos, which was perfect to check out above mentioned sights. Not convinced yet? Read our blog about the food on Cyprus, and we are sure that you will plan your trip soon…!

Why you should go to Cyprus