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If you like culture than Italy has to be on your top destination list. There is some much to see and do here that you fill dozens of trips. Rome is the main destination for most travellers and the eternal city has a lot to offer. From the Roman ruins of the Forum Romanum to the Baroque splendour of the Vatican. The main attractions in the north are Milan and Venice together with the Alps and the beautiful lakes. Tuscany is known around the world for its hills, food, wine and picturesque villages. The Amalfi coast has been a tourist attraction for over 2,000 years when the rich built their villas there. Some of them can still be seen today at the sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Less into culture, then you can escape to the famous beaches near Rimini on the Adriatic coast or go to the beautiful island of Sardinia. But you can also climb an active volcano on the island of Sicily or Stromboli. Expect big crowds especially during the high season as this is one of Europe’s top destinations. Accommodations are on the expensive side, but quality eating on a budget is fairly easy here.