There are so many apps and websites geared towards travellers that it can be hard to sort out the great from the bad. So, we have made a list of our favourite apps and websites to help you on your way. There is no one-fit-all app available, all apps have their strenghts and weaknesses so use whichever one you like.

Airplane tickets

Finding the cheapest and or best airplane ticket can be a quest. There are several apps and websites which promise you the best deals, so which one to use? The following sites are our favourites and we usually use several of them since the results differ for every search, time and destination.


Skyscanner has been around for a while and has helped us find great deals many times. Usually gets the best results if you know where you’re going and when.

We usually use when we are flexible and have multiple destinations and itineraries in mind. The multiple city and nomad options are great if you want to take multiple flights.


Car rental