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  • Top 3 Japanese Gardens

    Top 3 Japanese Gardens

    Introduction:Most list of Japanese gardens list the same three gardens in no particular order, the so-called three Great Japanese gardens. After visiting dozens of different Japanese gardens, we came to a different conclusion. Continue reading to broaden your horizon. Nr. 3 Ritsurin-koen Ritsurin-koen is not on many other lists, but undeservingly so. Maybe because the […]

  • The 7 best Loire Valley Castles

    The 7 best Loire Valley Castles

    The Loire Valley in France is home to around a hundred different castles. They range from small manors to royal hunting palaces and from single donjons to big fortresses. And don’t forget the romantic places where you can imagine fairy tales taking place. The area has one of the biggest castles densities in the world. […]