What to do in the beautiful city of Barcelona

Barcelona is a great Mediterranean city with its own identity, which is quite different from the rest of Spain. It’s a major tourist destination. The European youth goes to the nearby Costa Brava for their summer holidays and spring breaks. For everybody else, it’s a destination to enjoy great food, sunny weather, Gaudi and much …read on

How to book a trip and save money

Money can be a real barrier to travelling as much as you would like. As experienced trip bookers, we noticed that booking smart, can save a lot of money. We gathered all our booking tips for you, so continue reading if you also want to travel big on a small budget. Plane Tickets 1. When …read on

What to do in Copenhagen

Spending 2 days in Copenhagen As the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is the most popular tourist destination in the country. Many people come to see the little mermaid, but this Scandinavian capital has much more to offer. Denmark is one of the more expensive European countries to visit, so adjust your budget accordingly. Luckily there …read on

Highlights of Shiraz

Most people come to Shiraz to visit the ancient sites of Persepolis and Pasargadae. But Shiraz itself holds many beautiful gems too. So, make sure to have at least one full day to spend in this lovely city. As with most Iranian cities, traffic can be a nightmare and pollution can be a hinder. Don’t …read on

How to prepare for a great trip: 24 preparation tips

As Aristotle said, ‘well begun is half done’. It saves you a lot of time, many worries and a bigger chance for the best deals and nicest hot spots, when you prepare your travels well. In this blog, we share 24 travel preparation tips to make your journey smoother. Being prepared saves a lot of …read on

2 Days in Prague

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, as such it also attracts hordes of tourists. Don’t let all these people dissuade you, it’s still worth to go to this city. But if you want to minimize your irritation, adjust your schedule and get to the sites early in the morning and late …read on

Finding good food

Food is a major part of life and therefore automatically of travelling. Eating delicious and new things helps to create unique and unforgettable memories. But can also just be a basic necessity to keep you going from A to B. 1. Eat local food Food is a great way to get to know a place …read on

Iceland Round Trip in only 4 days

Don’t let the others dissuade you, it is possible to encircle the whole of Iceland in only four days. We present you four days filled with endless sightseeing, a wealth of nature and even some whales and puffins. You will see the whole ring road of Iceland, all its highlights, and we promise you’ll be …read on

How to stay safe while travelling

Of course, it is important to enjoy your travels and not to be on guard all the time. But you’re more vulnerable when you’re travelling: You’ve all your important stuff with you, you don’t know the local culture and your way, and you have a lot to watch out for. So to help you stay …read on