There are more than a thousand UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the world. More than most people can ever see in a lifetime. So we want to help you make a choice which one to visit and which ones you can safely skip. We’ve rate them according to their beauty, uniqueness, experience offered and location. Which then results in an overall rating.


Beauty is a highly subjective and personal criterion. But it is a necessary criterion to judge if you have to decide whether or not to recommend a place.


Uniqueness focusses on whether you can see and experience similar places elsewhere or not. The main focus is on similar places in the country and region. To a lesser extent comparable sites around the world are also taken into consideration.


Experience is measured both in how well the site and its unique value is explained and portrayed to the visitor. And if the place or sire is physically accessible and open to the visitor to experience.


Location focusses on how easy the site or place is reachable. Special consideration is given to the accessibility by public transport. Further attention is given to the distance from the main tourist itineraries in the country.

Overall rating

The overall rating is an average of the four measured qualities; beauty, uniqueness, experience and location.

Sergiev Posad by Night
Kizhi Pogost
Kronborg castle
Grand Place
Bourges Cathedral
Himeji Castle