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  • Choirokoitia: an UNESCO WHS Review

    Choirokoitia: an UNESCO WHS Review

    History Choirokoitia (Khirokitia) is an archaeological site on Cyprus dating from the Neolithic aceramic age. On Cyprus this age started somewhere around 8,200 B.C. Choirokoitia was inhabited until around 6,000 B.C. It is one of the most important and best preserved prehistoric sites in the eastern Mediterranean area and has been listed as a World […]

  • Three things you must definitely eat on Cyprus

    Three things you must definitely eat on Cyprus

    Cyprus is a place where different cultures have left their mark. This is also visible when it comes to food. The three main influences are Greek, Turkish and Middle Eastern, but don’t expect straight copies. Cyprus has its own defined style of food, dishes and combinations which deserve your attention. Food is available in many […]

  • Cyprus: the perfect getaway

    Cyprus: the perfect getaway

    We just love weekend trips: It is an easy way to escape reality and pack many new destinations and adventures to your life. One of our all-time favourite weekend trips was our trip to Cyprus in the beginning of the year: we had the whole island for ourselves, the weather was great, as was the food, there […]

  • Archaeology on Cyprus

    Archaeology on Cyprus

    Where some people see palaces, cities and temples, others see piles of rocks. Archeology might not be something for everybody. However, it is hard to visit Cyprus and ignore its impressive archaeological sites completely. This article sketches some historical context that might help you to visualize Roman live that took place thousands of years ago […]